Ximple core services

All-in-one ERP suite


  • Purchase Orders & Contracts
  • Invoice
  • Tracking & Aging
  • RPO
  • Vendor Relations
  • Goods Received Management
  • Back Order Report
  • Links to Updated Price and Products

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  • General Ledger
  • Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Cost Center Accounting
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Unrealized Profit/Loss
  • Accounting

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Operations management

  • Workflow & Business Rules
  • Activities & Approvals
  • Business Intelligence
  • Role-specific
  • Dashboards Document Management
  • Real Time Solution

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  • View your inventory
  • Get pricing as if they were at the store
  • Place orders and quotes
  • View past orders and trace open orders
  • Generate their current statements
  • Keep track of multiple jobs
  • Start a return

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  • Quotes & Contracts
  • Order Entry
  • Lot Orders
  • Discount Layers
  • Payment Terms Automation
  • Opportunity Management
  • Return Management
  • Authorization

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Warehouse management

  • Easy receipt entry of goods
  • Automated and manual transfers between distribution centers
  • Comprehensive shipment management
  • Setup of delivery routes
  • Notify customers on shipment

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Customer gateway

  • B2B online customer portal
  • Place orders
  • View statements

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Employee gateway

  • Briefcase
  • Language
  • Dashboard
  • Preferred warehouse
  • Report Cards

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Document management

  • Reduce your paper trail
  • Scan and attach any document type
  • Regenerate the original documents
  • Collect signatures from your customers

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  • Multi-organization & Location
  • Costing Flexibility
  • Inventory Allocations & Transfers
  • Non-inventory Cost of Sales
  • Warehouse Management

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Vendor relations

  • EDI
  • Point of Sales
  • Point of Transfer
  • SPAs
  • SPJs
  • Vendor Pricing Updates
  • Goods Issues
  • Buying Groups

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Ximple ERP base services

Core modules

Accounts payable

Accounts receivable

Activity based costing

Bar coding

Check reconciliation

Contact manager

Cylinder / container tracking

Document imaging

eBusiness / internet

Electronic catalog

Electronic data interchange (EDI)

Electronic mail

Fixed assets

Forms management

Freight management

General ledger

International currency


Job cost

Light manufacturing

Payroll (n/a in US)

Project management

Executive information systems

Ximple features

Get more from your ERP

Easy as pie

  • Allows Entry of Complex Quotes
  • Offers quick navigation/search of products, customers, GL accounts
  • Powerful search engine/database
  • Offers subject specific help and training
  • Quick learning curve. Has customizable menus


  • Instantly stores transactions
  • Automatically posts to GL account
  • Changes made to orders are reflected in real time
  • Has an audit trail
  • Can position itself anywhere in time (you can view/enter past/future transactions/reports)

Feel secure

  • Can grant different levels of user authority
  • Keeps track of who made each transaction in the system
  • All parts of company know what the others are doing

Smarter is better

  • Banishes dumb terminal
  • Browser based
  • Accessible from mobile devices

Never forget

  • Tracks all transactions (SO, PO, Shipments, etc)
  • Projects inventory (RPO)
  • All modules engineered to work seamlessly
  • Allows for a paperless operation

Communication is the key

  • Import data
  • Export data

Warehouse management

  • Can do quick putaway of items
  • Can track received/returned items as: defective, damaged, wrong
  • Can set order fullfilment priorities
  • View shipments by shipping method
  • Can download/view shipping manifest to mobile device
  • Can view status of: Sales Orders, Transfers, Purchase Orders

Hardware & software platforms

  • Primary Preferred Platforms i5
  • Operating Systems i5/OS
  • Accessed via Web Browser
  • Database Manager or File System Name DB2
  • Applications Run on Same Database
  • Separate Facilities Can Share Same Database
  • Primary Programming Language: Java, SQL, C++, ILE RPG
  • Able to Operate As True Windows Application

Sales information system

  • Hardware Available
  • Turnkey
  • Dealers with Vendor Support
  • Sold & Supported by Dealers
  • Sold & Supported by Vendors

Workstation user interface

  • Is a browser-based client available
  • Ability to modify menus or restrict functionality depending on user ID
  • Screen content may vary depending on an end user ID

RF identication

  • Does the system support RF-ID technology
  • User interface supports multiple window views
  • User is capable of having multiple sessions at the same time

RF receiving / Radio Frequency unit processing

  • Ability to update items into different/multiple bins
  • Ability to put-away and update special orders in 'special zone'

RF picking & sales

  • RF Unit usage allows review of an order for determination of preferred picking method (i.e. by hand, cart, lift truck)
  • Ability to enter Sales via handheld device

Inventory planning, picking, and replenishment

  • Ability to define reservation engagement by customer and/or order
  • System allows setting safety stock for individual items
  • Pick tickets can be sorted by: Customer, Order, Item
  • System records the characteristics of: Location Type, Pallet live storage, Carton live storage, Capacity

Reports and queries

  • Can queries be constructed against any system data
  • Can queries be constructed against data from other systems

Business management reporting

  • System allows printing of summary reports in a (printer friendly) format
  • Analyze Trends
  • Compare Customer Buying Habits
  • Evaluate Options


  • Ability to calculate tax in geographic zones automatically
  • Ability to choose tax rates that apply to products within your product range
  • Can define a customer tax rate for special products

Catalog index browsing

  • Ability to create featured product from your catalog index
  • Ability to assign complementary products or add-on products
  • Ability to assign an item to more than one category

Discounts / exchanges

  • Customers discounts
  • Specific product discounts
  • Product category discounts

Full keyword product search

  • Provides keyword context search tools
  • End-users can browse the vendor-created keyword index to find products

Inventory management

  • Stock monitoring generates alerts for low stock levels automatically
  • Generate stock availability reports
  • Ability to automatically suspend ordering on out-of-stock products

Order processing

  • Customers receive an automated order notification following order submission and payment transaction has been approved
  • Ability to select from a list of Integrated Merchant and Gateway Account Providers for payment processing
  • View dates for entry, ship confirm and invoice
  • View carrier information

Payment method

  • Offline credit card processing is supported
  • Ability to assign separate payment options for different products & product categories


  • Pricing be maintained by customer level number
  • Contracts by customer/product or product category with an expiration date
  • Pricing by warehouse location
  • Advertised pricing by location with expiration date

Receiving / invoice data

  • Ability to map invoices and line items to specific GL accounts
  • Shows end-user account summary information
  • Customer billing information is instantly updated upon order submission

System compatibility (EDI)

  • The system support the use of EDI
  • Documents delivery by VAN
  • Documents delivery by FTP
  • Documents delivery by Web form
  • Documents delivery by HTTP request
  • Documents delivery by email

Vendor data upload

  • Data uploads from Trade Service
  • Data uploads from IDW
  • Data uploads directly from Vendor (pricing updates)

Credit card processing

  • Supports automatic credit card processing

Ximple ERP plans

The ERP that suits your business

Cloud based

Cost and time effective



Help and support

Security and maintenance

Shorter implementation

On-site server

Ideally suited for larger organization with dedicated IT staff, large capital, and operation budget

Foundation for future hybrid cloud expansion

Easier customization

Relies on internal network infrastructure